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GAS MARINE Technologies


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We are a professional company with high skilled staff with more than 15 years experience within ship service (calibrations and gas supply). Our aim is to ensure that our clients receive an excellent service, high quality competitive prices and attendance on your ships at any time. That is the reason we are carrying out maintenanc on more than 600 ships per year.

The strait of Gibraltar is one of the most strategic areas in the world, transiting more than 90.000 vessels per year. The strait is the gateway of two continents and two seas.

Gas Marine is based in Algeciras, we carry out our services in the Spanish ports, mainly in the Gibraltar Strait area . We offer the following services:
Calibration and sales services:

fixed and portable gas detectors, pressure and temperature equipment, hermetic tapes (UTIs), Oily water calibrators, compressor air quality test and others. We also maintain a large stock of gas detectors and span gases for immediate supply.

Gas supply:
Bulk gas supply for inerting and gassing up operations: Nitrogen supply, cold test, gassing up with propane, butane , ammonia supply, LNG bunkering services.

coppia cerca uomo Prato GAS MARINE has developed and implemented an integrated quality and environment management system, whose aims are:

- To satisfy our clients complying with deadlines giving a high quality services of our human resources and our materials.
- To take control over negative environment impacts paying special attention to legal requisitions made by our clients
- To focus on continuous improvement by planning and following up our quality system as well as implementing new objectives.




  • Telephone: +34 956 653 520
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