06. Accesibility

Within the whole Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-Ts), the Port Bay of Algeciras acts as a primary hub of the Core Network and the South head of the Mediterranean and Atlantic railway corridors. The rail link that connects our port via the line between Algeciras and Antequera has thus been declared a double priority, meaning that Algeciras is one of the few European ports that are the starting point for two of the nine TEN-T’s main rail corridors.

The penetration of port business into its hinterland and on into the rest of Spain becomes a reality via the A-381 motorway, connecting Algeciras Bay Port with Jerez and Seville, and the upgrading of the old A-7, linking directly to the main Mediterranean artery. The expansion of our North and South access roads will provide a smoother access for cargo and an easier link to the N-340 motorway.

The communications hub is supplemented by a by-pass projected for the A-7 motorway between Algeciras and San Roque (the so-called Campo de Gibraltar Ring-Road). This new road will follow up the new Algeciras ring-road included in the project to upgrade the N-340 to the A-48 motorway, and will connect the new North and South access roads with Algeciras Port via a high capacity outer road.