02. COMPORT: Association for Port of Algeciras Bay Promotion

COMPORT, association established at the end of 1999 to promote the Port Bay of Algeciras and its Port Community, continues – from that moment on- to push the development of the port and maritime collective through its commercial activity.

Thanks to the collaboration and firm commitment of our port community entrepreneurs, COMPORT is nowadays a consolidated and matured association that keeps on growing and which does not cease in its efforts to provide a dynamic platform to the professionals in the sectors integrated in the association, for a continuous joint promotion.

COMPORT incorporates all the sectors connected with the port maritime activity. It is now made up of more than 150 members among companies, institutions and business associations. Strengthening the image of the Port Bay of Algeciras at a global level and facilitating the commercial relationships to the members of our Port Community is our main aim.

The close collaboration with the Port Bay of Algeciras Authority and the participation in different trade events and in national and international professional forums, permit us promote jointly the infrastructure and the port development, as well as the wide range of services rendered by the companies integrated in our port community, thereby projecting an integral vision of the Port Bay of Algeciras.

In this sense, COMPORT channels the commercial interests of the members through the association work commissions, structured in two large groups, namely, the logistics services and ship services. Based on the demand of the sectors, COMPORT, along with the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority elaborate a joint commercial programme that guides our activity and permits to feed the growth, development and energy of the economic engine of the Campo de Gibraltar area which is not other than the Port Bay of Algeciras.