05. Algeciras Bay Logistics Area

The competitive strategic location occupied by the Port Bay of Algeciras, on the crossroads of the world’s containerized cargo exchange, gives us a significant role as a Mediterranean port and logistics node.

Driven by the Andalusian Regional Government and with the participation of APBA, the Algeciras Bay Logistics Area is being developed in order to become the great intercontinental logistics distribution platform in Southern Europe. It is ready to contribute to Andalusia’s aspirations of becoming the Mediterranean gateway to receive and forward the cargo flows from Asia and America that are bound for Spain, Europe and Africa.

Algeciras Bay Logistics Area, with a total surface area of close to 300 hectares and an integrated rail terminal connected to the Trans-European Transport Network, is a necessary link that can consolidate an efficient, competitive logistics chain that encourages the establishment of added-value logistics business and services. The Port of Algeciras Bay can therefore strengthen its position – not only as a transhipment platform, but also as a “Gateway port” evolving towards a natural entry and exit platform for cargoes in our closest sphere of influence and outlying markets further down the logistics chain.

El Fresno (Sector 1) in Los Barrios hosts the headquarters of the main international shipping groups and companies related to the maritime transport, grouped in a modern service building integrating the latest advances in energy efficiency.

Algeciras Bay Bonded Area is directly connected to Algeciras Bay Port via the North Access –a road that channels directly the ro-ro traffic from the hinterland towards our port area. By agreement between Andalusian Ports Public Agency and Consorcio Zona Franca de Cádiz, Algeciras Bay Bonded Area, with a surface of approximately 80,000 m2, will count on customs and tax benefits that will facilitate the attraction of investments and the establishment of companies complementary to the port activity.

For its part, San Roque Sector offers high quality logistics land divided into three areas dedicated to logistics, intermodal operations and other transport auxiliary services.

● Logistics and Transformation parks: 650,000 m2 of surface area.
● Intermodal Area: 132,000 m2 of surface area.
● Integrated Service Centre and Centre for Transport and International Transit: 189,000 m2 of surface area.



EL FRESNO (SECTOR 1) los barrios