10. Bunkers & Ship Services

The strategic location of the Bay of Algeciras and the Strait of Gibraltar, with over 115,000 ships passing through every year, and the natural characteristics of a Bay that has an anchorage zone with exceptional shelter and draughts that covers more than 1,300 hectares all make it a perfect location for bunkers.

The Port Bay of Algeciras is Spain’s top bunkering port. Ship supply operations return figures of approximately 3 million tonnes per year, being bunkers the highest share. The offer of bunkering operation service is supplied by world-renowned companies such as CEPSA, Maersk, Repsol and Peninsula 360, who have a great operative efficiency and capacity, thanks to the facilities of CEPSA, EXOLUM and EVOS Algeciras SAU.

Only the highest quality of operational standards is employed by our bunkering companies. Safety measures have been made even stricter over recent years and guarantee the protection of our Bay´s waters. Only the most modern, double-hulled and double thruster fuel barges operate in the Bay, all fitted out with the latest technology used for environmental control. For its part, the Port Authority complies strictly with the environmental monitoring programmes for infrastructure works and has designed an Internal Contingency Plan to Combat Marine Pollution from Fuel Operations, supplemented by the plans put in place by each of the bunker suppliers at our Port. We must also mention that, under the Marpol international convention, the Port of Algeciras Bay is currently the Spanish port that collects the most waste oil at the lowest costs.

The digital transformation defined by Algeciras Port continues to implement processes related to the improvement in advanced data analytics, aimed at improving the efficiency and tracking of the services rendered to ships during their stay in our Port.

Through its participation in different projects focussed on sustainability, this Port Authority continues to promote LNG bunker supply to ships with the aim of promoting the use of alternative fuels and thus contributing to the decarbonisation process required by the EU.

A wide range of naval fitting and repair specialists operate around our Bay area. Campamento is a centre dedicated to such activity. With a 263-metre quayline and draughts of up to 18.5 metres, Cernaval shipyard has a dry dock with an overall length of 400 metres and a beam of 50 metres, capable of accommodating ships of up to 175,000 tonnes deadweight, as well as a floating dock with a LOA of 230 metres and a beam of 45 metres.

Likewise, there are numerous auxiliary companies that provide all kinds of ship services, such as cranes, transportation, victuals, accommodation or logistics, among others.