07. Container Traffic

As a hub for the shipping lines that link Asia, America and Africa with Europe, the Port of Algeciras Bay is a well-known logistics and intermodal port-maritime platform in the Western Mediterranean. Two container terminals currently operate at our facilities: APM Terminals Algeciras and Total Terminal International Algeciras.

Over the last few years, the Port Bay of Algeciras has strengthened its position as one of the top EU and Mediterranean container ports. The almost 5-million TEUs and the more than 100 million tonnes of total throughput that were handled in the port facilities prove the worth of a port that is consolidating its role as a global port-maritime hub.

The port has adapted itself to the new international container traffic requirements and our facilities easily accommodate the regular calls of the largest mega-ships worldwide. At the same time, it is ready to operate the new generation of mega-containerships with a capacity of 24,000 TEUs and above.

APMT Algeciras occupies a 67.1-hectare area on the Juan Carlos I Quay that has draughts of 17 metres. At present, the terminal is fitted out with 19 STS dockside cranes – eight of which are Over-Super-Post-Panamax class – supported by 65 RTGs and 102 tractor trucks, as well as 3,800 reefer plugs.

TTI Algeciras, a common user terminal, occupies a leased area of 35.76 hectares with 850 metres in the East Quay and draughts of 18.5 metres. TTI-A semi-automated terminal, pioneer in the Mediterranean, has a capacity for 1.6 million TEUs and 1,292 reefer plugs. Like APM Terminals Algeciras, this terminal is able to accommodate the largest megaships with 8 STS dockside cranes, 32 fixed-track ASCs and 20 Shuttle Carriers.