Greetings from APBA’s Chairman

The strategic location of the Port of Algeciras and the excellent natural conditions of the bay that shelters it, together with the effort and skill of our staff and employers are the key factors that have allowed us to consolidate –by achieving the record figure of 107 million tons total throughput– among the top places in the ranking of the 1,200 commercial ports in the European Union. A sustained leadership is only
built upon the offer of a wide and competitive range of services, as well as on three strategic action lines: Competitiveness, Environment and Innovation.

Conscious of the strong inter-port competition, the Port of Algeciras Bay Authority (APBA), as well as the companies and entities that make up the Promotional Association COMPORT, work day by day to increase the competitiveness and the quality of their service.

Among other measures of promoting competitiveness, the Port Authority of Algeciras Bay has been working to reduce the port taxes for the last few years, being able to offer its customers the most competitive taxes in Spain.

Our aim is to meet the needs and requirements of the almost 29,000 ship calls, 6 million passengers and 1.2 million vehicles – more than 300,000 of which are HGVs– that cross the Strait of Gibraltar annually using the facilities of the Port Bay of Algeciras.

The adaptation of our infrastructures to the new demands of the containerized traffic sector allows the port to render service to the biggest vessels of the international commerce and to be prepared to receive in their terminals the new generation of mega container ships with a 22,000 TEU capacity and above.

The Port Bay of Algeciras looks to the future with its eyes set on its great potential to continue growing and gaining new traffics. Proof of this is the extension of Isla Verde Exterior, the most important port development overcome throughout the history of the Port. Isla Verde Exterior already accommodates the semi-automatic container terminal, Total Terminal International Algeciras, on its phase A. This terminal together with APM Terminals Algeciras, allow us to achieve a total capacity of 7 million TEUs, which is helping evolve our traffic model, improving the Import/Export traffics, thanks to the privileged connectivity we have as a hub port.

Additionally, the continuous growth in the reefer traffic during the last years has represented the implementation of the new reefer terminal Agro Merchants Algeciras, which increases the storage capacity of frozen and refrigerated products significantly. This is an additional proof of the business and investing opportunities that keep on being generated at the Port of Algeciras.

It is equally important to be pointed out our objective to strengthen the culture of  nnovation in a systematic way in order to make the Port of Algeciras an international referent in port-logistics technology and associated innovation,  upporting logistics activity and port traffic. In this sense, we have to highlight the joint work with our Port Community, that is  roviding such good results.