01. Port of Algeciras Bay, Mediterranean Benchmark

The Port Bay of Algeciras, benchmark in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Spanish port system in total throughput, is placed in an exceptional geo-strategic location. On the crossroads of the main international cargo shipping lanes. The port has become consolidated as a Western Mediterranean distribution “hub” for container transit.

In order to be able to guarantee the traffic growth and diversification, APBA, which manages the ports of Algeciras Bay and Tarifa, continues to be strongly committed to developing our facilities. The infrastructure on Isla Verde Exterior, that already accommodates the Mediterranean’s first semi-automated container terminal, Total International Algeciras, pioneer in the Mediterranean, and the EVOS Algeciras SAU fuel storage facility, joins the developments of Campamento (San Roque) port infrastructure, designed pursuant to a sustainable growth model, this infrastructure favours the intermodal and logistics vocation of the port and the large industries.

The Strait of Gibraltar traffic is another pillar of the Port Bay of Algeciras and, at the same time, proof of continuous growth. The proximity of Africa has helped the ports of Algeciras and Tarifa to become an efficient sea-bridge between Africa and Europe, used by an average of 6 million passengers every year, more than 1 million passenger vehicles and more than 400,000 industrial vehicles.

Bunkering supplies stands out among the services rendered to ships in our port, being a Mediterranean benchmark. This global offer includes supplies at berth and at anchorage, together with repairs afloat or in dry dock, waste oil collection and treatment or luboil supply, among many other services.