16. Smart port & Sustainability

The digital transformation and the transition towards a model based on the innovation are cross-wise strategic objectives for APBA, whose mission is to consolidate the Port Bay of Algeciras as an advanced logistic platform, improving the integration in the supply chain and increasing the international competitiveness of the industrial and productive fabric value chains in the area of influence. Our concept of an Intelligent Port is focused in the capacity of decision making based on these data, with the aim of maximizing the creation of value.

Our determined commitment to innovation, as driving force for change, is embodied in our Innovation Strategy 2021-2025, that structures the concept of Algeciras Port Last Generation: an intelligent port (that takes decisions based on data and that understands the innovation as a key business process), a synchromodal (operationally excellent and integrated in the logistics chains) and a green port (contributing to improve the environmental sustainability of the logistics sector and to be a carbon neutral port).

In this sense, Algeciras Port has been awarded by the European Sea Ports Organization (ESPO) in recognition of the role of Algeciras Bay Port Authority in promoting the integration of innovative companies and local entrepreneurs in the port sector.

With the aim of contributing to a sustainable development, the Port Bay of Algeciras has adopted a model that is structured in our new Green Strategy, including 12 environmental, social and economic sustainability commitments, which cover the reduction of the energy consumption and its footprint, promoting the use of new fuels, such as LNG or green hydrogen, the improvement of the quality of air and water, the reduce of soil pollution and the control of noise pollution, among many other relevant environmental issues.

Social policies are having a mainstream role: the port has shown great concern for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility by continuing a policy of cooperation and integration with the surroundings, aiming to create the maximum number of jobs and wealth compatible with the sustainable development of the port in order to help the socioeconomic development of the region.

In the framework of the port-city integration, the Port Authority is developing urban and environmental projects to improve the quality of life of the surrounding area, among them we can emphasize the Maritime Lake Project. Another example is the Preservation Plan and Value Enhancement of the Historic Heritage, whereby some enclaves and historic buildings are being refurbished, both in Algeciras and Tarifa.