09. Border Control Post & Cold Chain Logistics

Due to its expansive traffic and timetable, the Border Control Post at the Port of Algeciras Bay is rated Category One and it is approved by the European Union to inspect all cold, frozen or room temperature product types, whether for human consumption or not. It is also approved to inspect Category U, E and O (ungulates, equines and other livestock). Physical inspections are performed 24/365 by the Border, Animal and Plant Health Control. After alteration and improvements, the BCP now has 30 loading and unloading gates.

Cold chain logistics has had a significant upward trend over the last few years, thanks to the increased traffic of containerised perishable goods with Latin America and the excellent connections with Africa, in general, and Morocco, in particular. The complete port offer in terms of capacity to store refrigerated and/or frozen produce reaches more than 27,000m2 of surface area and 33,000 pallets in the state-of-the-art facilities. Additionally, there are 5,092 reefer plugs available between both container terminals.